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Welcome to MicroCor Technlogies Inc.

The MicroCor Technologies, Inc. Story.

Over 20 years of hands-on experience in the corrosion prevention industry, where our main function was (is) to supply and protect corrosive materials against corrosion!

We saw firsthand the devastating effects of corrosion on a multitude of metals and concrete structures, including those that were known as super alloys. The costs to the economy as well as to the Companies that dealt with anything metal ran into the billions of dollars per annum in Equipment Losses, Accidents, Failures, Degradation, Salt Exposure, Nature and its Elements, Chemical Exposure, etc. We have created products that vastly reduce and prevent corrosion.

Mission, Vision and Values

Industries we have contributed to: Auto, Trucking, Agriculture, Concrete, Road Works & Marine

Our researchers welcome the opportunity to discuss your Industry specific corrosion problems and if need be, allows us the opportunity to develop a product for you that either totally dissipates your corrosion problems or at least greatly reduces its effects.

How do we economically control external corrosion? How do we extend the life span of metals?

After exhaustive testing and experimentation with thousands of chemicals and coatings, we understand what works and what doesn’t work. We understand what lasts. We understand how we can save our Clients “money” and be of Service – and where we need to be to stay in business!

In April of 2014, we sold our Family business, Precision Coatings Group & soon formed MicroCor Technologies

We formed Microcor Technologies, Inc. to research and develop anti-corrosion products that are inexpensive in both cost and application. After experimenting with literally thousands of coatings, chemicals and others, we understand what works and what doesn’t.

We welcome inquiries and the opportunity of developing a product that suits your needs!

Our assurance to our Clients is that we have spared no expense to get to where we are right now, in providing the very best product for the smallest dollar. We guarantee our products (Work) and stand behind them 110%.

MicroCor Technologies - MC300

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