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Waterproofing Outdoor Cushions

Patio Outdoor Cushions are great in the summer and make sitting outside enjoyable and much more comfortable. However, showers and rain will inevitably happen and you won’t always have time to get your bench cushions inside when they arrive. Rather than end up with ruined, waterlogged bench cushions, you can actually waterproof them. All you need to be sure of is that you waterproof all of the fabric or your bench cushions will still end up wet.

See the BEFORE and AFTER video below, which illustrates how MC-300 can waterproof your Outdoor Cushions – and just about anything else on your Patio!

Applying MC-300 is best achieved using several “light” coats, allowing it to dry between coats. At 70 degrees F, MC-300 will dry in minutes – full cure is achieved in 2 hours at that temperature. Warmer temperature will decrease drying time, and colder temperatures will increase drying time. The best application temperature is 70 degrees F. However the product can be applied at almost any temperature with success, given the temperature guidelines above.

Aerosol Can: Shake well for 10-20 seconds. Hold can vertically 8-12 inches away from the target surface. Make sweeping motion while depressing the nozzle. Make additional applications in different directions than the first, for complete coverage.